Selling and Buying. Done Simply.

My technology-driven approach keeps things really simple, ultimately resulting in saving you time and money. Here’s how I tackle real estate and why I’m not your average agent.

Technology Two-fold.


Smart Marketing

When you’re ready to get started, becoming the next great amateur Zillow expert isn’t necessary. Leave the posting, strategic captions, and marketing up to me. I’ve perfected a process leveraging the perfect tool for each step and am able to get you market-ready in no time.


Simple Transactions

And when it comes time to finalize offers, contracts and agreements, paperwork is a thing of the past. My digital-forward approach cuts through the clutter and keeps you on course for the next stop in your journey. 


Straightforward Fee

Perhaps the most powerful thing that a mastery of technology has afforded me is the ability to offer a 1% fee on all listings. No smoke and mirrors. No fine print. By adapting to the changing landscape and staying on top of the latest tools, I’m proudly able to keep my transactions as simple and straightforward as possible.