I believe that walls talk, buildings have stories, and finding your dream property should be simple and meaningful.

I tap into deeply rooted knowledge of Cincinnati’s great neighborhoods and leverage the latest technology to make finding your perfect space simple and streamlined.


Really Simple Real Estate by Hive.

By working smarter, I get to spend more time focusing on what I love ­­— getting your property listed and sold quickly and on to your next phase, all while saving you time and money.



Streamlined shouldn’t mean robotic. I believe that every building brings along the story of the people within its walls. Getting to be a part of a buyer or seller’s journey is what I’m all about.



I have a true passion for Cincinnati. My 8 years of selling experience has been driven by meeting my clients where they’re at. The end goal is to help you sell or purchase something that ultimately fits your lifestyle goals.



I use the best digital tools well. By leveraging the latest digital tools, I’m able to work smarter, streamlining the process, cutting through the clutter, and keeping you on track for the next stop in your journey.

I’m Kent Hardman and I build stories.


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Get Inspired.

I love sharing Cincinnati’s hidden gems through photos. Give @hive513 a follow on Instagram to see this great city through my eyes. From historic architecture to modern marvels, I love to uncover the stories behind structures.